CARES HarnessWe recently flew Air Canada from Vancouver to Disneyland.  While it is not a long trip it can get bumpy.  The pilot predictably announces that drink service must be halted and the flight attendants should take their seats until the turbulence stops.  While that is happening, parents are shuffling and trying to get their kids buckled up in the seatbelt.  We thought ahead….enter stage right the CARES Harness!

As much as I love the safety of car seats….it is too much work to lug one through the airport.  I’ve done it, I know what it’s like.  As if anyone wants to grapple with a car seat, perhaps 2, 2 kids, laptop bag, carry on luggage, kids’ carry ons (cause we all know they will not carry them for that long) and who knows what else one can think to bring along.

Enter the CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) harness by Kids Fly Safe.  The FAA-certified harness is designed for use on airplanes, for children weighing between 22-44 lbs.  The harness is a very simple design: there’s an installation strap, made of seat belt material that wraps around the plane seat and gets tightened underneath the tray table.  The harness itself lies down over the child’s chest and buckles with a chest clip.  The plane’s seat belt passes through 2 loops at the bottom of the harness which keeps the harness secured at the bottom.

The CARES harness was designed by a grandmother who watched her own pregnant daughter getting off an airplane with a car seat, small child and other bags.  As the saying goes, necessity is 152the mother of invention.

The harness is effortless to install.  It took me less than 2-3 minutes to get it installed.  Yes, I like to time myself with these things.  It is so simple and fits so well that my 4-year-old son did not even notice it the entire trip.  The harness comes in its own small pouch and weighs about a pound–very insubstantial when compared to a car seat.  I can’t rave enough about this product.

During our short flights I managed to take note that many people were checking car seats.  Please don’t check your car seats; they can get damaged.  Instead rent a car seat at your destination and then use the CARES harness during your flight… it is perfect for you.


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