When to use a booster seat?

Can I have a booster seat? That is what I am continually hearing from my 5 year old. I think the time is upon us to purchase what she wants and I think I will be going with a high back booster rather than the low back.

Reasons????When to Use A Booster Seat

According to research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (US), parents who are ready to purchase a booster seat should buy a “High back” booster seat. All booster seats do a relatively good job of protecting your child in the case of an accident including the low back models. But… it has been found that the low back seats are not as effective in preventing injuries.

Here are my reasons for going with a high back booster seat:

  • It gives support to the child the entire length of the spine and head which you will not get with a low back booster.
  • It provides much better side impact protection that a low back booster as the high back model has a shell lined with high density foam for absorption in the event of an accident.
  • It provides a much more comfortable and supportive environment for your child when they fall asleep in the car. No one wants a cranky kid on a long care ride.

Are they more expensive… yes. Should that matter when it comes to comfort and safety for your child….NO!


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