We are super excited about our new product for sale Victoria with Kids – Eat Play Shop which is a wonderful and essential guide for having fun with kids in Victoria, or people traveling to Victoria.

The author Lhasa lives in Victoria with her two boys and husband.  This is not a book written by someone who lives elsewhere… this is a book by someone who lives here, in Victoria… who knows all about Victoria and the fun family things to do.  She also loves to travel!  It is that love of travel that led Lhasa to write a book about the local activities in and around our lovely city.

This book has everything, and I mean everything.  Check out a sneak peak of the table of contents.

Some of the goodies inside the book include:Victoria With Kids

  • Where to Stay
  • Walk In Clinics and Hospitals
  • Activities for a Rainy Day
  • Shopping
  • Nature Walks
  • Beaches
  • Touristy Things to Do –
  • Farmers Markets
  • Seasonal Guide
  • The Scenic Drive
  • Neighborhood Guide
  • Travel Tips

Now that we have wet your appetite, do you want to buy the book?  Of course you do!

This is a local family making good in Victoria.  If you need an essential guide to Victoria… this is it!  It would make a great gift for friends or family who visit Victoria regularly, or who are not sure about visiting Victoria.  I promise this book will make sure they decide to visit our wonderful city… with more than enough to keep them busy and wanting to come back.


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