Vikings…Explorers, Artists, Farmers, Destroyers…what were the Vikings of old. We see them depicted through exhibits and TV shows but what were they really about?  Victoria Museum Viking Display

Now, our traditional thoughts have been challenged by archaeological findings. People thought Vikings were pillagers and raiders who wanted to slay everything around them but in museums around the world they have been displaying a different picture of just who these people were of long ago.
The exhibition at the Royal British Columbia Victoria Museum which will be open from May 16 to November 11 will lay to rest some of those popular “beliefs” of just who Vikings really were. Apparently they did not wear huge helmets with massive horns, nor did they always want to take over new lands. The exhibition includes information about how they lived family life, how they dressed, how they explored, how they made their amazing jewelry and much much more.

Just a bit of trivia for you… Did you know that a Viking symbol is prominent in one of the strangest places millions of us look every day? Yes…the Smartphone you use to text and call and take pictures. The symbol for Bluetooth represents a 10th century Norse King.

Just a little bit of fun for you , What is your Viking Name???? Mine is Ottar Hvalman


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