Complete Rental Agreement for clients review prior to confirmation of an equipment reservation.  


Delivery Policy

Little Monkey Rentals schedules all deliveries and pickups to take place within a window of 1-2 hours, working with our clients to determine a suitable time period based upon their destination and arrival/departure.

If Little Monkey Rentals is unable to complete a delivery or pickup during the specified time frame, we will contact the client to reschedule. An additional delivery fee of $10/trip will apply.

Commercial Lodging

(e.g. hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts)

Clients staying in commercial lodgings can often arrange for delivery/pickup to be made via the front-desk reception staff. Deliveries that take place prior to a client’s arrival will be left at reception for safekeeping, or delivered to your assigned unit if possible.

Upon departure, clients are responsible for returning the equipment to the reception area and ensuring that all items are tagged for pickup by Little Monkey Rentals. This must be done prior to the scheduled pickup time.

Hotels will generally store the equipment in the bell closet, while smaller lodgings will often leave it behind the front desk. In all cases, the client is responsible for ensuring that it is safe and secure, and retains responsibility for the equipment until it is returned to Little Monkey Rentals, including loss, damage, and theft. For this reason, we recommend that clients take and, if possible, provide Little Monkey Rentals with, the names of the specific staff members who store the equipment.

If equipment cannot be immediately located, requiring an excessive amount of time for Little Monkey Rentals to locate it, additional fees will apply.

Private Properties

(e.g. friends and family)

Clients staying in private properties are responsible for ensuring that someone is available for delivery/pickup during the specified time period. If no one is available during the specified time frame, we will contact the client to reschedule and apply an additional delivery fee of $10/trip.

In cases where a secure area is available on the property, arrangements can be made for delivery/pickup by “safe drop”. Safe drops must be arranged with and agreed upon by Little Monkey Rentals prior to the delivery/pickup attempt. Equipment that is damaged, lost, or stolen as the result of a safe drop is the responsibility of the client.

Rental Properties

(e.g. short-term apartments and vacation rentals)

Clients staying at rental properties are responsible for informing the property management that Little Monkey Rentals will deliver and pick up equipment to and from the property. When making delivery/pickup arrangements, clients must provide Little Monkey Rentals with the information required to access the property (such as gate codes and buzzer numbers).

If property management is unaware of the rental or the necessary access information is not provided, resulting in an incomplete pickup/delivery or damaged/lost/stolen equipment, additional fees will apply.

Victoria International Airport

Clients arriving and departing via Victoria International Airport can arrange for delivery and pickup of equipment to the airport at the times of their arrival and departure. Clients are responsible for providing the airline and flight information and we will arrange to meet you.

Clients may also arrange an alternate location for equipment pickup at no additional charge.

Product Safety

Safety is a primary concern when renting baby equipment. All of the products rented by Little Monkey Rentals are up-to-date and meet current Provincial and Federal safety standards. Products are checked and replaced as needed, with a focus on the changing baby industry. Visit Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety website for more information.


RECALLS – Recalls

Sanitation and Cleaning Fees

Little Monkey Rentals cleans and sanitizes all of our equipment prior to use. After all, we wouldn’t pay for dirty rental equipment ourselves, and neither should our clients! Our sanitation procedures always uphold the highest standards.

Contact us if you had additional questions about our cleaning procedures and expectations.

Returning Dirty Equipment

Clients are responsible for returning all equipment in the condition received. However, we appreciate that babies are unpredictable (we’re parents, too), and that clients may not have access to the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. If this occurs, please inform us ahead of the equipment pickup so that we may plan for additional cleaning time ahead of the equipment’s next booking. If an excessive amount of time and effort is required for cleaning, additional fees will be applied.

Please help us keep the equipment clean and safe for our next little guest!

Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Equipment

Clients are responsible for the damage, loss, or theft of all rental equipment, from the moment it is delivered until its completed return to Little Monkey Rentals. Products must be returned with all accessories and parts intact and in proper working order. Should this not be the case, clients agree to pay for all costs related to repair or replacement.

Any excess damage to rental equipment, aside from normal wear, will result in repair or replacement (depending on the condition) at the client’s expense.

Recovering Lost Items

For lost items, clients will have 72 hours following the contract end date/time to return the equipment to Little Monkey Rentals. This period provides sufficient time for clients to communicate with lodgings, property managers, and other agencies (e.g. car-rental companies) to locate and recover the equipment.

Should a lost item be located, the client can arrange for Little Monkey Rentals to retrieve the item, subject to an additional fee. If the equipment is not recovered within 72 hours, the client will be responsible for its replacement at the full cost of the item.