We were surprised to learn that toy rental is one of our top rental items!  We were hesitant to start toy rentals but tToy Rental Little Monkey Rentalshought most parents do not want to haul around loads of toys when traveling.  They are not the easiest shapes to pack and take up room that mom may want to use in the suitcase.

My Little Monkeys love toys so I am sure most other children do as well.  Toys can be educational, fun and entertaining.  But the most import thing for us is that they are squeaky clean.

Here are some ways we keep our toys clean.  Any of these tips can also be used to keep your toddler’s toys clean at home.

  • We wash our stuffed toys in the washing machine with homemade detergent that is chemical free, dye free… we make it free of anything else bad for you.  We always read the label to ensure the toys can be washed even before purchasing.
  • We put our hard plastic toys in the dishwasher to get them extra clean.  The dishwasher is great to use for cleaning our rental equipment because the high water temperature actually sanitize the toys.  We only use the top rack from experience as some plastics do not do well on the bottom rack and can create a very big mess.
  • We also use hot soapy water and give the rental equipment a good hand clean.  The hardest part about washing the toys is drying them.  A soft towel does a great job on most of the toys, but when you need that extra bit of drying we go get my wife’s hair dryer.
  • We disinfect our rental toys with a disinfecting spray, take your pick… but we use ones with limited chemicals.  We think this is important to do when toys come back from rentals.

To make sure all our equipment is squeaky clean, we clean everything as soon as it is returned.  We want to make sure our rental equipment is extra clean for all our visiting families.


Little Monkey Rentals if you need to rent baby equipment while in Victoria, British Columbia, you’ve come to the right place!

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