Sproutling Baby MonitorDid you use a baby monitor? I am pretty sure you did with your first baby… we all did.  Really it is something for us new parents as we have many insecurities and absolutely no idea what our baby wants.

Is the new ankle monitor by Sproutling the way for us as parents to feel better about letting our babies sleep in their crib, or take naps out of our site… perhaps.  Or…perhaps we need to know everything we can about our baby at any given moment and this monitor can do just that.Sproutling Baby Monitor

This new baby monitor tracks heart rate, body temperature and can even tell if your baby is in danger of SIDS as it can detect if your baby is moving or in a face down position.

So… I know what you are thinking, great… my baby starts their life with an ankle monitor… is this a bad omen?  No probably not.  Not for your baby anyway… but for the first little while as a new parent you might feel like you’re on house arrest.

The ankle monitor is fitted with an environmental sensor that reads humidity, noise levels and temperature of your baby’s room.  The monitor even learns your child’s behaviour over time and adjusts as they grow.

With everything electronic these days should we bring yet another device into our baby’s life?  Or will it just add to the angst of already nervous new parents and have them constantly checking.  This is quite a revolutionary product so perhaps people should adopt it.

Sproutling Baby Monitor Smart PhoneInstead of popping their heads around the door to make sure their baby is sleeping, a nervous mom or dad can spend their evenings reading the updates about their baby’s vital signs that have been sent to their smart phones.

The inventors of the Sproutling ankle monitor are confident they have a big market for the product, and are ready to explore it.  Sproutling’s ankle monitor is available for pre-order for approximately $260 dollars and has already sold 100% of their first shipment.



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