Fun Spring Activities for the Whole Family

Time to get excited for Spring and all the fun activities.  Flowers are starting to peek out, birds are returning, and I think I actually felt the heat of the sun.  Spring is here and we have fun ideas to get you into the season.


Grow Something To Eat

We aren’t just talking a little pot with grocery store basil.  Pick out fruits or vegetables that you and your grandchild can plant from seed and nurture together.  Why not try tomatoes, beets, or any kind of beans.  Ask a local gardening expert if you aren’t sure what will grow.


Sleep Outside

This is one of the great thrills of childhood.  We did this last spring and slept on the trampoline… it was such a blast under the stars.  If you do not have a trampoline, you can pitch a tent in the yard and get out the sleeping bags and flashlights, and have a great night. 


Take an Evening Stroll

Listen to the cicadas.  Savor the light of dusk.   Wave to the neighbors.  Enjoy the little things.


Wcar washash the Car Together

Talk about good clean fun!  Too few kids these days get to enjoy this wet and wild chore.  Spray each other with the hose (a must) and scrub along to your favorite songs.


Dig for Worms

I remember digging for whatever I could when I was small and winter broke.  So many amazing little creatures outside in the spring to unearth beneath a stone, a stump, behind a toy that has been sitting all winter… you name it just about anywhere they look they will probably find something crawling.


Make a Birdfeeder

Kids love to spot blue jays, cardinals and other feathered friends.  Bring the birds to your backyard with this fun craft you can do together.  If you need help, get complete instructions to make a soda bottle birdfeeder.


Go to a Farmer’s Market

There are so many in Victoria that you have an abundance of farmers markets and local farms to enjoy.


Dust Off the Sports Gear

Do you know where you left your sports gear after a long hiatus?  Get outside and kick a ball, throw a frisbee, shoot hoops or whatever sports activity your family might enjoy.  Try something new and set up a croquet set… everyone from 3 – 93 can play.


Get to Work in the Yard

Mow the grass, pull weeds, cut back last years plants.  Find the fun in teaching your little monkeys how to make the landscaping look nice.


Epicnic springat Outside

Get the picnic basket down from the attic or shed and fill it with fresh local goodies from the local market…whatever you do, don’t forget the chocolate.


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