So, you want to travel but are worried about your baby sleeping well while you are away from home… or if they will sleep at all!
What should you do, should you let them cuddle up to you in your bed while on vacation? Should you have the hotel give you a cot for them? What about a pack n’ play?

One word of advice, keep the same routine you have at home, if at all possible! This is a must. I know I am a bear the next day if my schedule is thrown off so kids will also be grumpy without their gular sleep pattern.

What should you watch out for while looking for crib or playpen for your child to sleep in?Foundations Hideaway Wooden Folding CribWatch out for older style cribs, the laws have changed since the 70’s and those beautiful old wooden cribs are not as safe as the new ones.  The slats are probably too far apart, the mattress is probably not tight fitting and some of them might even have lead paint.

  • Try to avoid having your little one sleep in a pack n’ play for an extended period of time.  Although they are great for keeping babies contained, and will probably do in a pinch… they do not provide enough support or padding for your child to have a good night sleep.

What should you bring with you… or better yet rent while on vacati0on with your little one?

  • Rent a wooden crib, perhaps a Foundations Folding Crib.  They are just like the crib you have at home except they fold up nice and small when your little one wakes up and is ready for that busy day.  The crib comes with a 3 or 4 a inch tight fitting mattress.  Just ensure that it is indeed tight fitting to the sides of the cribs.  As a test… you should not be able to get more than two fingers between the mattress and the wooden slats.  Also, have you heard that a regular can of soda should not fit between the rungs of the crib. Regalo - My Cot Portable Travel Bed
  • Portable cribs are getting better and better.  The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is superb.  These cribs are lightweight, fold easily and compactly, are easy to clean and are suitable for having the child sleep in them due to the bottom padding being more substantial than the standard pack n’ play.  If you have the crib early enough, you might have your infant sleep in it for a few nights prior to you trip to familiarize them.
  • Toddler cots are an option for travelling toddlers.  These cots are perfect for sleepovers with all steel construction which makes them sturdy yet lightweight.

These are just a couple tips for enjoying your vacation with your little ones.  Remember they want a nice comfortable bed as much as parents do.  From my experience… it is very important to make sure your little ones have a great sleep so you all have a GREAT vacation!


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