We Understand the Importance of Safety with Our Baby Gear Rentals

We know that safety is important for traveling family which is why we have top of the line safety baby gear rental products.  We know that your baby monitor doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase, but do you really want to bring it with you? We carry a range of baby gear rentals for your convenience and your baby’s safety.

Baby Gates

While not as sturdy as permanently installed gates, temporary, “friction fit” baby gates are suitable for short-term use so long as they can be properly positioned.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $18

Step Stool

The step stool is perfect for those children that need a few more inches to reach the counter or bathroom sink.  The stool has an anti-slip upper surface to prevent falling, even with wet feet. The rubber edging underneath will keep the step stool resting firmly on the floor when your child is moving about. The design makes the step stool stable and prevents it from tipping over.

  • Daily: $3
  • Weekly: $12

Baby Monitors

Need to keep tabs on a sleeping baby or child? There’s probably an app for that, but we prefer devices that are built for the purpose…and not just so we can play games on our phones.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $18

Sound Sleeper Machine

Ensure your baby and you enjoy more restful sleep with the sound sleeper.  The sound machine features 10 soothing sounds that can be combined to make 24 sound combinations.  The sound sleeper provides just enough peaceful background noise to block annoying sounds that can wake baby.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $18

Bed Rails

When a child is transitioning from a crib to a bed,  pressure-mounted bed rails can prevent them from falling out while asleep. Little Monkey Rentals supplies rails in pairs, but one rail is typically sufficient for beds that are adjacent to walls.

  • Daily: $3 (per pair)
  • Weekly: $12 (per pair)

CARES Child Aviation Restraint System

For families travelling to other locations, we also rent the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System, which enables children who are 1+ years of age and 22-44 lbs to fly safely without a car seat. The CARES harness attaches to the seatback and lap belt, acting as a four-point harness to keep children securely in their seats. Find out more at flykidssafe.com.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $20

If you would like to purchase the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System please visit our For Sale page.