Rent vs. Bring

Rent vs. Bring The challenge for parents when traveling with young children is to decide if they want to heave and haul all the baby equipment through the airport, on the plane, through the airport again…or give it to the baggage handlers and hope it survives.  But wait…there is a solution to every problem; Solution: RENT IT!  Why carry a car seat through the airport, or worse yet; give it to the airline and hope they do not damage it on the way to your destination.  By carefully considering the key components of renting, travelers will be more successful in having a care free trip with their “Little Monkeys”.

When the time comes to plan that major family vacation, or a short trip to visit the grandparents… the answer to the question “Should we rent or bring” figures prominently in the decision.  How frequently will parents need this particular equipment while on vacation? Can we or should we bring the equipment with us?

Can you bring your little ones crib with you on the plane…chances are no.  If so, might cost you a pretty penny to get it on the plane and in the cargo area.  Can you purchase one when you arrive at your destination, sure you can.  Do you want to spend $300 to $500 for that crib…probably not!  Solution: RENT IT!

Can you bring a pack n play with you, yes…do you want your child sleeping on that for a week, do they want to sleep on it for a week or longer?  No, it does not have a mattress and would be very uncomfortable.  Solution: RENT IT!

Can you bring your nice $500 convertible car seat on the plan with you…no!  Can you put it in the cargo with all that luggage…sure you can.  Do you want to, probably not!  Can you purchase one when you arrive?  Sure you can, do you want another car seat that you will use while on vacation and then have to find somewhere to put it once you are finished?  No, just another hassle to worry about while on vacation with the family.  Solution: RENT IT!

There are many advantages to renting the equipment before/when you arrive at your final destination.

So where is the dividing line between rent vs. bring equipment?

In short, bringing tends to be the best option for general-purpose baby equipment, such as an umbrella stroller or a pack ‘n play for short stays. Why take the risk of a $500 dollar stroller getting broken, or a high end car seat getting wrecked in the luggage compartment?  You want to be comfortable when you are on vacation, and I assume you want your children to be comfortable and happy when on vacation.  We all know that if your children are not happy and comfortable…you will not be happy or comfortable, this is a guarantee!

As parents, we know that getting through an airport carrying all the equipment needed for the little ones is more than cumbersome, so why not rent from a reputable company whose equipment is safe, clean and uncompromised.

Key components of renting equipment

  • Is the equipment safe and certified?
  • Is the equipment cleaned and sanitized?
  • Is the company reputable and reliable?
  • Is the equipment affordable?

At Little Monkey Rentals you can be sure that our equipment meets all those bullets listed above and more.  We are here to make traveling with your “Little Monkeys” (sorry…can’t resist) easy and care free.