Remembrance DayRemembrance Day/Memorial Day – November 11, also known by the names Veterans Day, Armistice Day, is a very special day that remembers veterans across the world. This important holiday recognizes the many sacrifices members of the armed forces and civilians have made during times of war. November 11 was set aside as Remembrance Day to mark the end of World War One, which remarkably came to an end at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This year, consider participating in a few activities in order to give our veterans the appreciation they deserve and make this Remembrance Day a memorable one. Make Remembrance Day a family event, and kids will learn while enjoying the holiday. Whether you are at school or at home, Veteran’s Day can, and should be celebrated.

Invite friends and family over to enjoy a program devoted to all who contributed in the many wars. You may want to consider sending out invitations to make the even more meaningful and special.  The invitations can have poppies on them, US Flag, Canadian Flag, Flanders Fields, etc…anything that celebrates the day.


Below are a few events that will make everyone around you appreciate and acknowledge Remembrance Day/Memorial Day at little better.

  • A member of your family could narrate the poem In Flanders’s Fields or the President’s Veterans Day Proclamation which would be a nice addition for a change of pace.
  •  If any of your friends, or family play an instrument, perhaps ask them to provide a musical number to entertain guests.
  • If you know a veteran, you could always ask them to come and speak to your family and friends as a VIP. Children love special guests and to hear a veteran speak should be a life-changing event. If you don’t personally know a veteran, you can always contact your local government officials, or veterans from the community who would be obliged to speak on their experiences as a veteran. I remember this fondly as a child as my dad was part of the Canadian Forces for over 40 years so we attended a lot of ceremonies over the years.
  • This is a great opportunity to invite neighbors to celebrate Remembrance Day. Great excuse to get together and make new friends.
  • As a family, you can hold a poetry contest in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Spend the week learning about our country’s history and reading famous poems about veterans in order to inspire your children. Allow them to express their feelings regarding Remembrance Day by writing a poem. On November 11, gather around and read your poems, sharing what each person likes about each poem. You may even want to send the poems in to your local newspaper for the possibility of publication.

Memorial Day

It is essential to celebrate our living veterans, it is just as important to remember those that have left us. During Remembrance Day/Memorial Day, include a moment of silence to respect and honor that many gave their lives to protect their country. 11 a.m. is considered the best time to take a moment and remember, any time in your day is a good time.




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