Wood Blocks Toy Rental Little Monkey RentalsWe recently added toy rental our Little Monkey Rentals inventory and it reminded me of the importance of learning through play.

I wish my parents and teachers back in the day had believed in that!  Not a chance, we had to sit in single chairs and read line after line, math question after math question, quiz…  test on Friday…( I hate tests).  We now know that learning through play is beneficial to kids.  Everyone learns differently, and it is a great way for some kids to really learn… and begin to like learning.

We know that learning through play is the basis for critical thinking in life.   Children learn through playing, there is no doubt about that.  We as adults learn through play as well, it just takes us longer.  Kids are active, they play, they run, they touch things, etc…  Most of us lean much more and much faster if we are active.  Not just mentally, but also physically.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, play promotes both behavioral development and brain growth.  We know how much a child learns when they play with blocks… they learn spatial abilities, balance, size, weight and colours.

We need to allow children to have playtime, we need to ensure they have the opportunities to explore new things.  We as parents can put our children in a rich, safe, fun environment and let them explore as kids will.  We just need to ensure they have the opportunities to explore freely for themselves.

This reminds me… I better go play with my kids.Learning Though Play Toy Rental Little Monkey Rentals


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