I am not sure this is because life is just busy, time “really does fly” or they just grow rapidly.  Perhaps it is a little bit of everything.

I seem to remember when my Little Monkeys could barely crawl… now they are both talking, walking, running, riding bikes and forming opinions of their own, say it isn’t so.

Do not get me wrong, I love that I can ask them questions and they can give me answers… very straight forward answers.  Me…“Do these clothes look nice on me?”  Child… “no, not really!”   Perhaps I should change the topic of questions.

I think for me to have peace of mind and the false reality of slowing down time I am going to listen to my kids.  That is right, just listen to whatever they say and take an interest in what is important to them.  Sure, it may be My Little Pony, Barbie, Fireman Sam but those are important to my child at the given moment so they should be important to me as well.

A few ways to stay in touch with them:

  • Read their library books
  • Listen to “their” music
  • Do some puzzles
  • Play Lego
  • Go for a walk

I could list a million more ideas about how to stay in touch with your kids but I think the point is we as parents need to be in touch with our kids at all times.  If you are like me, you will want to remember the past times as vividly as if they only happened and prepare for future times with your kids.

Just a thought…if our kids are growing up that fast, does this mean we are getting old just as fast?  Perhaps a topic for another day.


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