Family Craft IdeasThe seasons are changing!  I have seen the leaves falling over the past couple days and it reminds me of things to come… mainly the rain.  Usually when the rain comes to Victoria it lasts for a good while during the fall and winter.  We usually get snow at least once a year and by the next day it will more than likely be gone.  Luckily it is not as cold as New York, Toronto, Alberta or Saskatchewan but the rain does force you inside the house.

What is there to do inside the house with kids?  There are lots of fun family craft ideas and activities you can do with the kids on those rainy days.

You can go out in the rain and collect some nice leaves… it should not take that long.  Just ensure you have rain gear on and the little ones have their Muddy Buddies on which are truly a life saver for parents in the fall and winter.  Once you have the leaves collected you can start a collage on construction paper.

Kids love dressing up.  Why not make a leave mask of course Martha Stewart also has some ideas.  Make sure you get the cleanest leaves you can or ones that will wipe off Family Craft Ideas Leaf Maskeasily.

How about making stained glass with the little monkeys?  Too hard you say… I think not.  Check out this project it gives you instructions for this fun stained glass project.

In paying honor to Autumn some other fun ideas are making pumpkins, scary creatures, anything that reminds you of fall.  Those are just some of the crafts to get you started.


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