So…you are wanting to go hiking Vancouver Island!  Can you…of course, should you…most definitely!

But I do not want to carry my baby; I CANNOT carry my baby for that long.  Enter the “Baby Carrier”, the REI Carrier.  This carrier is awesome.  It has a comfortable design for both parents and babies.  When empty, the REI weighs about 7 pounds which seems a little heavy, but it distributes all the weight of the kid well, and it has numerous adjustments for making it fit perfectly for any size person.  It has lots of pockets and additional features that never seem out of place and always useful.REI Piggyback Child Carrier

A couple tips while hiking with your little one:

  • Try to make sure it is nice weather when you have your little monkey on your back.
  • Plan for the hike to be longer than you think… little monkeys always seem to be able to make things take twice as long as planned.
  • Ensure you bring at least 3 diapers…

For a nice easy hike, Mt. Tolmie can be done with a stroller but if your little one is the right size for the carrier…strap that REI on and walk up to the top.  Great exercise and wonderful views of Downtown Victoria and the Olympic Mountains.


Little Monkey Rentals if you need to rent baby equipment while in Victoria, British Columbia, you’ve come to the right place!

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