I was thinking since we moved to a new house with a bit more outdoor space it would be nice to start a family garden. I did not really ask my family… just thought I would start it and they would follow.

First thing to do was buy the seeds, according to my daughter. No need to get the soil ready as it is already dirt…who can argue with that logic? So we went on a seed hunt. Most of what we found was met with… ewwww, no way am I eating that…you want to plant what? I thought I could spin it off as “hey, it is healthy for you” that did not work so we also purchased some flower seeds to make the garden very beautiful… my daughter’s idea.

A couple weeks later… the beds are now weeded, tilled, turned, soiled, who knows what else is needed but I hope that is it. My brother in law helped me and the kids plant as I am not the greenest thumb in the family… but I try and that is what counts (to me anyway)

We have planted: sweet peas, squash, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and kale. Some from seeds and some from starter plants. We are only two weeks in but nothing has died yet so I am holding out hope for a nice bounty in a couple months.


The main driver for the garden was not really to have fresh goodies all the time, but rather get the kids outside and enjoy the process. They are having a blast out there weeding and watching stuff grow. They are actually seeing the growth of some plants which keeps them intrigued and wanting to plant more. It is so wonderful to spend time outside on a nice day answering and asking questions about dirt, veggies, worms and just about anything else my kids’ imagination can think of.

Wish me luck but so far so good! This gardening adventure is turning out to be a great outdoor activity for the entire family.


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