A well-rested child with fancier feet and a brighter smile… isn’t that what all parents want?  Earlier this year, the Consumer Electronics Show featured new technology for kids that might allow you to manufacture this.  Babies are good to go this season according to the showcase.

If you’ve recently welcomed a little monkey to your family, the Slow Control Smart Baby Bottle will teach you what you need to feed your child.  A red light signals “not so good” while a green light lets you know you are “good to go“.  Data that was usually tracked by writing it down (feeding times/amount of food) will now be sent to your smart phone so you and your pediatrician can track your baby’s feeding patterns.Technology for kids GPS watch

Amazon introduced Amazon Elements a line of baby products, including diapers and wipes, that can be scanned with Amazon’s app to find out exactly what is being used to make the products.

To track your little monkey’s whereabouts, a hereO watch complete with GPS so your child’s whereabouts is always known.  If my wife would let me I would implant a tracker in my kids so I think this watch is wonderful.  Now only to find a way to meld it to their skin.

Sketchers developed a new gaming sneaker with the memory game Simon built into the side of the shoe.  It could be interesting watching your child walk to school with these shoes on.

I Pacifi New Technology for Kidshave already tweeted, raved, talked about this… a smart pacifier the Pacifi from Blue Maestro.  This pacifier can send information to your phone about when medicine is taken.  It can take your baby’s temperature and when your baby is crying the Pacifi will send an alert to your phone if the pacifier has been forgotten!

Brushing teeth has just gotten easier.  There is a cooler way to brush your teeth with the Rainbow Bluetooth toothbrush from Vigilant.  The Rainbow Bluetooth toothbrush can monitor what spots are missed.  Kolibree has created an app with Pirates and their proprietary Kolibree Coach which makes brushing more exciting with music and games to improve brushing practices for your little ones.  Perhaps it will not be such a struggle to brush your little monkey’s teeth before bed and after meals.

Well, there are just some of the next round of electronic goodies for helping you parent.


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