Pink StrollerThinking about a stroller rental?  Thinking about a stroller purchase?  It can be as complicated as buying a house with all the different materials, wheels, handle adjustments and seat options.  I could list a 100 more features that one could look at, but let’s not do that as it would  be a boring read!

I think the first item one should decide is “What type of stroller do I need?” jogging, smooth surface, trails, marathon running, infant or compact.

There are SO many choices out there, so whatever one you choose make sure it is the right one for your needs.  That usually keeps the price down as well.

Test it, test it, test it!  Yes, rent one for a while.  Take it for a test drive, some of the strollers are the cost of a small used compact car so it is important that you try it before dishing out your hard earned $$$$$.  We recently had a client rent two strollers to try as she was not sure which model would work for her.  She rented them for two weeks to see what stroller sh liked best.  In the end… she found one stroller did not have all the features she needed for her little monkeys and ended up going with the other model.

Blue StrollerOne important thing to consider is:   do I need a reclining seat for my child?  If you have an infant…I would advise getting a stroller that has full recline if not 90% recline.  The little ones need to lie down and sleep when you are out for those long walks.

Where do I buy one?  Ensure that you purchase your stroller from a reputable store if buying brand new.  You want a good warranty and the ability to return it if you feel it does not meet your needs.  If you are purchasing second hand you want to look at the wheel wear as well as check the fabric for little rips and tears.  Ask the person who is selling it how many owners it has had, and where you might be able to get replacement parts if something does break.

I hope that answers some questions.  I am becoming more of an expert on strollers than I ever thought I would 🙂


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