We are excited to offer the ClickTight Britax car seat as part of our car seat rental inventory.

As almost every pareBritax ClickTight Car Seatnt knows, Britax is a leader and innovator of car seats for our precious Little Monkeys and we offer these as part of our car seat rental inventory.

They have recently introduced the new ClickTight technology into their seats.  These seats are fantastic!  The new system is comprised of components that allow parents, grandparents or just about anyone to easily install these seats into vehicles without using the Universal Anchorage (LATCH) System.

The ClickTight system tensions and locks the seat belt at the same time which results in an extremely tight and secure car seat using the seat belt.  Is the LATCH System still useful?  You bet it is, for weights up to a certain threshold.  The LATCH is attached to the frame of the vehicle so it is very strong and can be secured with a good pull of the seat belt.

A couple of the benefits with the ClickTight systems and Britax car seats are:Britax ClickTight Logo

  • Everyone can install the car seat securely simply by using the seat belt buckle
  • Complete side impact protection delivers Britax’s highest level of protection
  • Cushions on the outside of the car seat maximize the absorption of crash forces and a foam headrest that keeps your Little Monkey’s head and neck extra secure
  • 2-Position buckle that provides room to grow
  • Foam padding provides first-rate comfort
  • 7 Recline positions
  • Seats can be used rear facing or forward facing

If you are in the market for a safe, comfortable well designed, did I mention SAFE car seat for your little Monkey have a look at the Britax car seats… they will leave you worry free.  We should know, we rent primarily Britax car seats and happily own four of them ourselves for our Little Monkeys.


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