Is it that time already… are we happy or sad, I am thinking a little bit of both.  This summer has been very long and hot in Victoria, BC so fall is welcomed from this family… even if it includes back to school shopping.  We thought we would give you some back to school shopping tips that might help when the mayhem starts.

Shop At Home shop_at_home

Beforehand go shopping at home, take inventory of school materials and clothes.  Have your kids try on last year’s clothes to see if they still fit, and make note of what clothing items need to be replaced… my guess is the sock ferry took socks over the summer.

Have A Shopping Plan

It is appealing to do all the back-to-school shopping at once and get it over with, but you will save more money by shopping around.  Look online for sales, coupons,  price comparison and find find out which stores match competitors’ prices.  Try to combine shipping and look for free shipping promotions.

back-to-school-shopping-fantasy-reality-articleFind Clothing Concessions

At some point, your style will be out of date and the kids will let you know!  Avoid power struggles in clothing stores by being prepared to suggest finding the middle ground.  Have your kids pick out what they like… make sure they pick out a number of different options.  This will give you options and eventually everyone will be happy.

Be Smart About Backpacks

Heavy books and a ill fitting backpacks can cause muscle injuries and joint problems.  If your child gets out of the car and the backpack lands on the ground before their feet… you guessed it,  the backpack is probably too large.  Be sure to select a backpack that is lightweight with these features:

  • Two wide, padded shoulder straps that will not dig into their shoulders
  • Padded back
  • Waist or chest strap

Research Technology Purchases

Before buying a computer for school, talk with the teacher to see if it is necessary.  Having access to school computers may be enough for younger kids.  If you do set up a home computer, make sure to talk about Internet safety and install appropriate parental controls.

As we said, it (SCHOOL) is approaching fast so we hope that these tips can help.


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