Enjoy Indoor and Outdoor Playtime with Our Baby Gear Rentals

When it comes to playtime, many babies just have to have their favourite toy…even if it’s halfway across the continent.  Little Monkey Rentals carries some of the most popular baby gear rental items including toys on the market, as well as wash tubs for bath time and the excellent Bumbo floor seat. Some parents take the opportunity to try out new toys, which they then purchase after returning home.

Activity Mats

Activity Mat Baby GearActivity mats provide babies with safe, colourful, and comforting environments, with lots of soft toys offering different textures, and sounds. They’re a great way to stimulate and entertain your child.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $20

Baby Swings

Fisher-Price Swing Baby GearThink of the tried-and-true baby swing as the infant-equivalent of a La-Z-Boy recliner, gently rocking your child to sleep while softly playing music (and maybe allowing you to do the same).

  • Daily: $6
  • Weekly: $38

Bouncy Chair

Bouncy chairs provide babies with calming, vibrations, music, and bouncing fun. Baby can settle comfortably into the deluxe seat, playing with the hanging toBouncing Chair Baby Gearys. When it is time for soothing, remove the toy bar, turn on the vibration and let baby relax.

  • Daily: $5
  • Weekly: $30


Exersaucer Baby GearExersaucers provide your baby with a host of toys and noisemakers to keep them occupied and entertained, along with a design that ensures they can’t fall out or wander away.

  • Daily: $5
  • Weekly: $30

Wash TubsBaby Bath Tub Baby Gear

If your accommodations don’t have a sink suitable for bath time (a common occurrence in motels and hotels), we can provide a wash tub suitable for your newborn or infant child.

  • Daily: $3
  • Weekly: $10

Bag of ToysToys Baby Gear

To make sure your child has something to keep them entertained while they are away from home we have put together a bag of fun brand name, age appropriate toys and books.

  • Daily: $5
  • Weekly: $25


A visit to Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville or Qualicum Beach would not be complete without taking some time to enjoy the fresh air and our beautiful scenery. Whether it’s an excursion to one of our many beaches and lakes or afternoon playtime n the backyard, we can make the experience more fun for you and your little ones.

Beach Toys Beach Toys Baby Gear

If you are heading to the beach and looking for the perfect beach toys to keep your little one entertained, bring along our bucket of beach toys. Our beach bucket includes a sphere maker, smoother, three sand molds, watering can, sifter, rake, shovel and spinning flying disc for hours of fun.

  • Daily $4
  • Weekly $10

Beach CabanaBeach Cabana Baby Gear

We all love the sun, but we also know that it’s best to limit sunshine to small doses. If you’re travelling to the beach, bring along a compact beach cabana to protect your children from too much UV exposure.

  • Daily: $4
  • Weekly: $20

Piggyback Child Carrier

A jogger-style stroller will get you most places, but up a mountain is not one of them. If you plan to take your infant on a day-long hiking trip, you may nBaby Child Carrier Baby Geareed a piggyback child carrier. With a full, lightweight frame to disperse weight, the carrier holds your child securely above your shoulders for a great view. It also provides an integrated day pack, exterior mesh pockets, and a kickstand, as well as a small mirror tethered to the shoulder strap for checking on your child.

  • Daily: $6
  • Weekly: $35

Strider Balance Bike

The Strider Balance Bike is great for children from 18 months to five years old. Essentially a cross between a bicycle and a scooter, the Strider enables your child to sit comfortably and push with their feet, getting used to the idea of balancing on two wheels and preparing them for pedals and training wheels. Find out more at stridersports.ca.

Our Striders come with bike helmets, and extra-long seat posts are available for taller children at request (no additional fee).Strider Balance Bike Baby Gear

  • Daily: $6
  • Weekly: $30
The Strider Balance bike is part of our Try It Before You Buy It program with Sans Pedals.  For Victoria families that rent the Strider Balance bike and then decide to purchase the bike from Sans Pedals we will apply 50% of your rental towards the purchase.


Three-Wheel Scooter

The Yvolution three-wheel scooter is great for kids ages 5 and up.  This scooter offers a smooth ride and an extra-wide rear wheel base which creates an enhanced experience over the two wheel scooter.  This scooter also has an adjustable height handle bar and easy-stop rear wheel brakes making this glider both fun anScooter Baby Geard safe.  Our scooters come with bike helmets (no additional fee).

  • Daily: $6
  • Weekly: $30
  • Victoria location